We are delighted to invite you along to the launch of our Strategic Review on Wednesday, May 15th at 11:30 am. It will take place here at Casadh, 45 Crumlin Road, D12. Minister for National Drugs Strategy, Colm Burke will officially launch the document.

Come along to our upcoming Drug Free / Alcohol Free Fun night beginning on the 10th of April 2024. Fun themed nights will take place every Wednesday evening from 6-8 pm at Casadh, 45 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12, Eircode: (D12 YK28). Phone number: 01 454 8419. Movies/games/karaoke themed nights will be hosted by Caoimhe so please come along and show your support.

Awards Day December 2023: From Left to Right, Karl O’ Reilly, Matt Larkin (Manager), Daithí de Róiste (Lord Mayor of Dublin), Rebecca Slattery (Assistant Manager), Maty Mc Kenna (Community Employment Supervisor), Colm Browne (Chairperson of the Casadh Board of Management) and Alice Davis (Secretary of the Casadh Board).


Casadh has facilitated and helped me to reduce my substance abuse and to finally become drug free. In Casadh, I have found my voice and have been supported at every step in my journey towards entering and completing treatment. Casadh has also assisted me with issues such as court and housing so that I can have a stable foundation to maintain my recovery. As a result of coming to Casadh, I have made solid friendships and gained a confidence that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Gavin R.

In 2023, I came to Casadh after finishing a 3 months of an alcohol program in Cork. After 4 years of struggling and trying to get sober, I am receiving counselling, participating in group work and getting a better understanding of my addiction. Casadh staff are also now in the process of helping me with housing and my life is changing every week. My self esteem has improved and for that I am grateful for. I will continue to work on myself and my recovery.

Catherine C.

I came to Casadh not even knowing what they did there. I was on Drugs and wanted help stopping as I did not know how. I began in the stabilization group, the support I got there helped me to put a plan together for treatment. I put my name down for Cuan Dara as I needed to reduce the Methadone and Benzo’s in order to fit the criteria for entry to the Detox group. With the help and support of the staff, I have finally got there. The staff there believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Casadh has been a big support to me on my continuing journey. I am now Drug Free and learning to live life on life’s terms.

Linda M.

I came to Casadh with a desire of becoming stable. I was made feel welcome and coming from staying in hostels and homeless services, Casadh created a safe place for me to come where I could learn to be myself on my time in the stabilisation group. I found the classes very good, especially the groups on CBT gave me the chance to start to understand myself over a period of time in stabilisation. I progressed on the detox group. I progressed on the detox group.  I put a plan together with my key worker of getting a riz worker and case manager to help me to go forward into the detox group. I finally went on to detox in Cuan Dara ran by the HSE and then to High Park, MQI after completing 20 week detox with residential. I came back to Casadh with the support I came back to Casadh and outside help I am still engaging with Casadh and with outside supports. I am now 13 months abstinent, drug free, gambling free and crime free. I am no longer homeless, my life has done a 360 because I gave myself a chance and Casadh and others gave me a chance.

Niall O’ C.

Casadh turned the tides on my addiction. I tried numerous times to stop using drugs through other services and nothing seemed to work. I met another friend who also attended Casadh who told me all about it, I thought to myself why not try it. What have I got to lose. I have slowly been losing everything anyway. The first day I stepped inside the doors, I knew this was the place that would change my life. Everyone was so welcoming, supportive and I felt like I belonged here. I have been Drug free since the first day I got my place and with the tools I am learning everyday, I know I’m going to remain this way, drug free and just free.

Jessica M.

Anonymous Feedback Questionnaires

How would you rate your overall experience at Casadh Community Employment?

10/10 – I came to Casadh a very closed off shell of myself. I entered the Detox group, there I was given great support to become substance free. I was eased out of the bad place I was in, and at my own pace. Casadh has become a shining light for me on my journey, that light continues to shine bright.

10/10 – “I have learned how to manage my life in a more happy and healthy way, I’ve managed to detox off of all substances with tremendous support.”

10/10 – “I really enjoy being here, I feel at home here because the staff are always nice and supportive.”

10/10 – “I have made a massive improvement in my mindset, relationships and outlook for the future. I’m far more positive that I can achieve and live a ‘functional’ drug free lifestyle.”

10/10 – “Casadh did not let me go after going missing but when I came back, everyone was so welcoming and helpful to me.”

My name is David, my life has become a lot better since I joined Casadh. I went to Athy in 2019 for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. After leaving treatment, I joined Casadh. It was the best thing I have done so far in my recovery. At the beginning of the programme, I suffered with my mental health. I was tired of suffering in silence so I decided to tell a staff member since then I have been doing amazing. I’ve become really good friends with three of the lads out of my group and we do a lot of socialising together. I am now 14 months clean and sober and I will be starting college in September. So without being a Casadh I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to college. I will always have a special place in my heart for Casadh.