Step-down Group






Sometimes slip and relapse are used interchangeably, so it can be confusing. Some participants see them as the same thing, but really it depends on an individual’s unique experiences with addiction.

However, most addiction professionals distinguish between slip and relapse by looking at the addict’s intention[1]

A slip is a single unplanned use of alcohol or drugs. Relapse happens when a recovery plan is completely abandoned.

For participants of casadh, the following applies:

A SLIP-  is a single unplanned use of alcohol or drugs

A  RELAPSE – is when a recovery plan has been completely abandoned

Step-down to Detox or Stabilisation/suspension

The step down sanction is used to determine the above- has the participant “Slipped or relapsed”. If the participant has slipped (i.e. a once off use of drugs or alcohol) then a period of two weeks in a properly functioning detox group should not be an issue as they have all “Ceased” illicit drug use and should be supportive of someone who has slipped- and is determined to return to a drug free status.

However it will become very obvious, very quickly, if a person is in relapse, and a further sanction should apply- step-down to the stabilisation programme. If further drug taking in the stabilisation programme occurs, the person will be suspended for four weeks.